New Update and some Screenshots


Been a while since the last update. Lots and lots of stuff coming to Awaken soon. Our main focus is currently on the combat system. Hopefully we will be able to let you kill some monsters in the next few weeks and gather some much needed feedback on combat.

In the meantime we got a small update to play around with. We’ve fixed pretty much all bugs you guys reported. Additionally we’ve been playing around with the lighting and the new version is a lot more atmospheric because of it.

Full change-log for Awaken 0.1.1:

  • New and better lighting
  • Anti-Aliasing on the desktop version
  • Fixed door bugs
  • Continuous walking (just keep the keys pressed)
  • Doors open quicker now

Head over to the Awaken project page to grab the latest & greatest: Awaken

Finally, one more screenshot (because we can):

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