Pixel Towers – out now!


EXCITING NEWS: Pixel Towers is finally out on the Android Market!

We’ve been busy finishing this one up over the weekend. And we’re proud of it. Pixel Towers merges classic one-button gameplay with lovely pixelart accompanied by retro chiptune music. The game is powered by Scoreloop to keep track of highscores.

We provide Pixel Towers completely free of charge. The game available is an uncrippled, fully-featured, no-ad version and you will never have to pay for Pixel Towers.

If you love Pixel Towers and wish to support us, you have the option of purchasing the “Cookies & Beer” version of Pixel Towers. By purchasing the “Cookies & Beer” version you will allow us to enjoy a few “Cookies & Beers” during the development of our next game 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t like Cookies & Beer?!

Click “Read more” to get to the links & QR codes.

Standard (Free) Version: Download

Cookies & Beer Version: Download

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