What have we been up to?!


It’s been quiet around here. It’s actually been over 3 months since our last update 🙂 This is mainly due to the fact that it’s been an interesting few months with lots of changes in our lives.

But just because it’s been quiet doesn’t mean we have been idle! Quite the opposite. We’ve been busy working on various projects:

Siegfried vs. Skeletons is a small game we made for one of the mini ludum dares. I think it took us only about 8 hours in total. Simple game, not much there. But if you enjoy playing Rock-Paper-Scissors you’ll also enjoy this! Check it out here: HTML5 version

We’ve also been working on some voxel tech. Not the minecraft “voxel” style, but more in the sense of 3d pixelart. Most of our time went into building a voxel editor that allows the creation of complex voxel shapes. Some nice features there including png-brushes, .obj to voxel conversion and more.
As you probably know we love pixelart.. So the thought of bringing pixelart to the third dimension has been fascinating as for a while now. We love the possibilities this opens up, but the tech still needs some work. We’ll eventually make a game with this. Sometime in the future.

Simon has also been very busy doing graphics for Super Daddio 2. It’s a beautiful little platformer by our friend Glenn Bacon (website). The game is currently still under development but this is one to keep an eye out for.. And not only because of the beautiful pixelart 😉

Our latest and current project is “Steam Machines” (WIP name). It’s a traditional top-down arcade shooter with focus on predictable and strategic gameplay. Our main inspiration here is a Game Boy title called “Solar Striker”. Instead of just shooting like a maniac you’ll have to apply skill to master this game. More news regarding this project coming very very soon!

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