Thank you & some news


When we released Pixel Towers at the beginning of the year we put out 2 versions. Both versions were essentially the same, except one difference: The “Cookies & Beer” version costs $0.99. With this paid version, we wanted to give people an opportunity to support us and the games we make. And many of you did: Almost 100 people have shown their support. A massive, massive thank you!!

We love hearing that you enjoy what we make and want to see more of it. And you definitely will 🙂

Which brings me to the second part of this post. Due to some upcoming legal changes of how we operate we had to take the paid version of Pixel Towers off the market. Unfortunately, we had to make this move to avoid tax problems in the future. We hope you understand. We will make the “Cookies & Beer” version available for download for anyone that still wants to have it on their device.

As mentioned above, there are some massive changes happening at The Grey Studios. We can’t wait to tell you more about it. Stay tuned!

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