Friday Update #2


For this week’s update we have a little surprise for you: We’ve been digging through our archives and have found a demo to one of our games from back in 2001. That’s 11 years ago! 😀 We were really just kids back then, creating games under the name “BlackMoon”.

Looking back it now, I’m still very proud of what we had achieved. I still remember the immense feeling of pride when we got Direct3d working on top of DirectDraw, which meant we could do all these beautiful additive alpha effects:

We called the game “Awaken” (sound familiar?) and it actually still works on a Windows 7 machine! It’s a strategic turn-based RPG of sorts.

Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t let you have a go at the game. So download it and experience some “Robotality” history yourself: Awaken download

You can find the exe under “aw_exec/aw_debug/” and we have no idea if you can actually finish the demo. Let us know if you do!

Oh btw, the crash when exiting the app is of course intentional (don’t ask.) Also if you want to have a good laugh you should look at the lua scripts used for the computer AI.

Until next week!
Stefan & Simon

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