Friday Update #4


Last Friday was Easter weekend – so we decided to no post an update. But for this week’s Friday update (it must still be Friday somewhere! ;)) we have a little freebie for you game developers out there. It’s two tilesets that Simon has pixeled for the purpose of prototyping. They both were designed with two different auto-tiling algorithms in mind.

The first one is for a typical platformer or sidescroller game:

We’ve also included the background layers. You can read up on the technique and how to make use of it in your own games here: A bitwise method for applying tilemaps

The second one is targeting top-down or a typical jrpg perspective:

It uses the following auto-tiling concept: Implementing auto-tiling functionality in a tile map

Of course you can always just load them into tiled or another tile map editor and manually design your maps. Both tilesets are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CCA 3.0). Which pretty much means you can do whatever you want with it.

Download them from here: Download

Hope you guys can use this and we’d love to hear about any projects using them!

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