Awaken is our latest project and is currently still under development. The game is a classic Dungeon Crawler in style of Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master.

You can download the latest version of Awaken below.

Please note: This version is not a finished game. Not even close to it. Rather it is a technical demo of our dungeon generator and some of the basic game mechanics. All you can do (for now) is to get lost in the depths of the dungeons. There’s a total of 5 levels for now and the dungeons get larger the further down you go. But we think it’s fun already anyway! 🙂

Our plan is to continually add features over the next few months until it’s mature enough for a proper release. So if you’re interested in the game, make sure you check back regularly to get the latest version.


  • Android uses touch controls. There’s a small HUD to navigate around and a single “use” button. You can open doors with that.
  • The desktop version uses WASD for walking and Q/E for turning around. Use SPACE to open things.

Executable Jar: Windows/Mac/Linux
Android APK: Android

For easy downloading on your Android device: