The Invention of Colour

The Invention of Colour is a little experimental storytelling game. The entire thing (art, code, music) was created in under 48hrs for Ludum Dare 22 (Ludum Dare).

You’ll follow “Alrion” through his quest to find “shimmers” as he doesn’t know what colours are. I aimed to create something that is engrossing and takes the player on a journey. Just enjoy not having to do much and expect a few minutes of atmospheric storytelling. It’s intentional low level involvement.

Hope you enjoy this little trippy & eerie plunge into the heart of a bizarre world.

PLEASE NOTE: This experience requires AUDIO (best enjoyed with headphones), otherwise the game will not make sense. Controls are also explained in-game: just use the arrow keys to walk around. This should run on Windows, Mac & Linux. The only thing you need is a JAVA runtime.

Download (Win / Mac / Linux): Download
Christmas Version (Win / Mac / Linux): Download
Web (Applet): Click
Sourcecode: Download